F-Cube 4v4 Championship v1.0

Dec 27, 2016 | 0 comments

The Football Link kicked off Delhi’s first-ever 4v4 football championship on the 5th of June 2016. After much fan-fare and enthusiasm, a total of 24 teams represented by over 150 participants were involved in the much awaited, one-of-a-kind tournament.

The event was held at the FZone, The Football Link’s state-of-the-art AstroTurf centre, home to one of India’s leading youth level coaching centre.

Well-protected from the sun by shade nets and equipped with bright floodlights, very few football facilities across the country can match the FZone’s appeal.

The 4v4 Championship was adopted because of its ability to produce fast-paced and action-packed games complimented by a high-level of intricate passing and flamboyant skills in a confined area of play.

A host of players showcased some brilliant moves as the best teams gradually progressed into the latter stages. One thing remained constant through it all – the high intensity of the 4v4 game.

Ultimately, the tournament came down to its main event final between the two most deserving teams – SPG and Jawan Hawks. They were unfazed by the pressure and sailed through each of their rounds with some pretty impressing showing.

The grand finale produced a match deserving of its label. In the end, though, one team had to come through unscathed and that was SPG.

Pranav Sharma was awarded the player of the tournament as he remained their talisman throughout the championship.

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