Grassroots Football Coach Guidelines

Sep 30, 2016 | 0 comments

We have organized 12 coaches training programmes in association with national and international organizations including FIFA, Sports Authority of India, All India Football Federaration, Coaches across Continents, Delhi Soccer Association, Jammu Kashmir Soccer Association, One World Football and Bolton Wanderers FC.

Our professional coaches motivate and tutor the footballers of tomorrow, both male and female, in a healthy and safe environment. Our students learn football-specific techniques as well as important life skills such as confidence and team-work. Our comprehensive programs with precise age-specific curriculums are customized for every child’s needs and abilities. Our coaching groups are small to ensure individual attention so that the children can have fun while learning. ​We follow the latest international coaching methodologies to improve football skills through intensive coaching and match play with each player’s progress being monitored.
Give instructions loud and clear
Make eye contact
Use short sentences (please stand at that marker, kick the ball here, run to this cone, …)
Make sure to explain the key aspects of the drill
Give a detailed demo of the drill from start till end
Outline the key aspects of the drill
Highlight the drill’s objectives
Intervene if the players don’t understand or if they are not using the right technique You are the only one who can intervene during a drill. Make sure the parent’s role is limited to cheering the kids
Don’t intervene too much; Remember the aim of the session is for the players to enjoy themselves while learning and not be bogged down by techniques, processes and mistakes
Don’t let parents, team leaders, players talk while you are explaining or during the drill
You outline the rules and processes and the kids, parents and team leaders follow your lead
Be supportive, cheer, and use plenty of positive reinforcement
DEBRIEFING (2 minutes)
Ask questions related to the sessions (what did you learn?, what are the key aspects of this drill?) before you move on to the next drill
Thank everyone for participating and end on a high and positive note


The player’s wellbeing is critical. If they injure or hurt themselves, immediately call for help and begin First Aid procedure
Be polite, courteous and helpful at all times
Make sure that the players are being safe and friendly
Introduce variations in the drill to accommodate players of different skill levels


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