Junior League Season V Winners – Team & Individual

May 21, 2017 | 0 comments

The Junior League is over. Excitement, Injuries, Goals, Celebrations, Victories and Losses – all constructive cogs of the memory wheel that never ceased to stop spinning throughout the entirety of the league. 400 children flocked to the FZone Arena with one goal – to showcase footballing skills years ahead of their time and maturity. The promise of a future world-class Indian Football Team was epitomized in these children as the parents and the rest of the audience were treated to some of the best footballing action ever witnessed at the FZone.

At the culmination of the League, here is how things stood for all the teams and individuals who shone the brightest.

7&Under Category:

Winner – Squad360 A

Runner-Up – TFL Speedsters

Player of the Tournament – Minel Isaak (Squad360 A)

10&Under Category:

Platinum Cup Winner – Modern Vasant Vihar

Gold Cup Winner – TFL Panthers

Silver Cup Winner – BBFS

Bronze Cup Winner – Squad360

13&Under Category:

Platinum Cup Winner – Super Strikers FC

Platinum Cup Runner-Up – Squad360 A

Gold Cup Winner – Modern Vasant Vihar

Gold Cup Runner-Up – TFL Warlocks

Silver Cup Winner – IOT

Silver Cup Runner-Up – Dhanuka Foot&Boot

Player of the Tournament – Rishabh Aggarwal (Squad360 A)

16&Under Category:

Platinum Cup Winner – Hunters FC

Gold Cup Winners – Jai Ho

Silver Cup Winners – TFL Giants

Bronze Cup Winners – Amity

Player of the Tournament – Tejas Bhandari (TFL Giants)

17&Under NGO Girls Category:

Winners – Dhanuka Government Girls

Runner-Up – Summer House Eves

Player of the Tournament – Shivani


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