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Over the past 5 years, we have spent 3500+ hours in training, coaching and scouting more than 15,000 football players across Delhi. Having worked with internatioal clubs like Man City, AC Milan and Bolton wandereres and over 200 indian coaches, we have developed our propietary Football curriculum, which combines the latest sports science methadologies aligned with FIFA guidelines and game changing sports trechnology. ASk for our Squad360 Coaching Program for more information

Our comprehensive programs with precise age-specific curriculum are customised for every child’s needs and abilities. Our coaching groups are small to ensure individual attention so that the children can have fun while learning. ​We follow the latest international coaching methodologies to improve football skills through intensive coaching and match play with each player’s progress being monitored.

FootballFirst – GKII Coaching Academy
S Block, Sports Complex, GKII
FootballFirst – Vasant Kunj Academy
B5/6 Grounds, Vasant Kunj
TheFootballLink – Vikaspuri Academy (CYDP Students only)
3rd Battalion Delhi Armed Police Grounds, Vikaspuri
TheFootballLink – CR Park Academy (CYDP Students only)
Raisina Bengali School, CR Park
TheFootballLink – Madhu Vihar Academy (CYDP Students only)
Police Grounds, Madhu Vihar
Under 9 | Under 12 | Under 15 | Under 19 | Under 30
Sessions per month: 8-12 sessions
Session Time: 60-90 minutes
Technical: Offensive/Defensive/Goal keeping
Tactical: Team/Game strategy
Physical: Speed/Fitness/Stamina
Mental: Temperament/Focus/Handling pressure
Warm Up: Warm ups are crucial before any physical activity. A warm up loosens and warms the muscles and helps reduce the chances of over stretching or injury. It helps to gradually increase the intensity and activity of the joints and muscles that are to be used. It also steadily increases the heart rate. It prepares the body mentally and physically for the physical activity.
Drills: A drill is a practice exercise where you learn different aspects of the game, which are then used while playing the game. Each drill stresses on a certain skill and progressions are included to challenge players. Drills include passing drills, ball controlling drills, shooting drills, heading drills, dribbling drills, etc.
Fun Game: A game is played at the end of a session to give the players an opportunity to practically apply the skills learnt during drills. This helps improve the child’s skills while having fun.
Debrief: At the end of each session, a coach goes over all the important factors learnt during the session. The coach repeats all the key objectives of the drills and skills learnt during the specific session.
Cool Down: Cool down is also known as warming down. Cool downs are light and easy exercises that allow the body to go back to a nearly resting or resting state after a heavy exercise. This helps minimize stiffness and cramps and helps bring heart rate back to resting stage.

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