TheFootballLink is hosting Season 7 of the Junior League, Delhi’s first and only technology driven grassroots football league. Every year, the FZone Arena welcomes some of the capital’s young footballers, regardless of their gender or background, to vie for a chance to etch their names into TheFootballLink’s Hall of Fame of the best young talents. For the past six years now, the Junior League has been augmenting TheFootballLink’s concerted efforts of unearthing a pool of India’s very own footballing superstars. This year, make your way to the FZone Arena as players of various academies and schools from across the city try and take on TheFootballLink’s Squad360 Academy players at the Junior League Season VI, starting April 13th.
  • DATES - 13th April to 12th May 2019
  • Venue - FZone Arena, 25A, Green Avenue, Vasant Kunj
  • Age Category - Under-8, Under-10, Under-13, Under-16
  • Format - 5v5 and 6v6 (4 Games Minimum)



Challenge your peers and get your skills evaluated on the F-Cube. Challenge your peers and get your skills evaluated on the F-Cube.


A minimum of 4 matches guaranteed for all participants in a highly competitive league + knockout format.


More than 40 individual and team honors up for grabs including, best player, top scorer and best goalkeeper.


Matches to be held at state of the art FZone Arena, with Artificial Turfs protected by sun-proof shade net.


  • I am very happy to be here. Delhi Police has introduced community policing through its YUVA program where the police bring together children from the slums and disadvantaged communities of Delhi and provide them a sports based platform and vocational training. We have placed more than 1000 children from the Yuva program with jobs. This is a story which is often not told but all I can say today is that with the help of TheFootballLink & the Delhi Police we will do our best for the future of the underprivileged children & youth of Delhi.

    Neeraj Kumar
    Former Police Commissioner of Delhi

  • The problem we face in our country is that people give big speeches sitting in television & news studios on what should be done to protect our youth and how crime can to be reduced in the Capital. We listen to all these sermons while sitting in the comfort of our living room but when time comes to work, very few people take up the challenge. What Chetan and his team at TheFootballLink are doing with such minimal support is highly commendable and I really hope that more and more people come together to support this wonderful program for a safer and better Delhi.

    Ajay Chaudhury
    Officer on Special Duty to the Lt. Governor

  • Till 5 years ago there was no sign of any football tournaments and leagues taking place in Delhi but things have changed now. What makes me more happy is that the Delhi Police are an active part of this initiative by TheFootballLink. I feel the best way for a law enforcement agency to connect with the community is through sports and I would like to congratulate Delhi Police for the success of this day.

    Air Marshall Denzil Keelor
    Chairman Special Olympics

  • The Football Link showed us the potential of India in the field of sport for development. Bringing together so many diverse groups all working towards a similar goal, uniting communities around the beautiful game, TheFootballLink speaks the same language as CAC and we are so optimistic about the future of our partnership.

    Nora Dooley
    Coaches across Continents (CAC)

  • Since 1950s, either my feet have been speaking or my whistle. Today I am asked to speak at this occasion. Firstly, I would like to thank the Delhi Police and TheFootballLink because of who I see a huge number of children on the football field. Not a lot of people know this but India has won 2 Gold Medals in the Asian games in 1951 & 1962. In 1970 Asian games we won a bronze medal and in 1956 Olympics India we secured the 4th position. Since 1982 our position in world football has been bad but when I see these kids today I have hope that in future India’s football will rise. I would like to congratulate Delhi Police, TheFootballLink and all the children who have been a part of the celebration of this beautiful game. I see the change coming.

    Sqn Ldr S S Hakim
    Former Indian Olympian and Indian National Team Coach