TFL Trust Scholarship Fund

Dec 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Through our scholarship Fund we aim to support young talented Football players from low income familes and help them realise their ambitions of becoming professional Footballers; steering them away from a future riddled with neglect, abuse, crime and drugs and create role models and mentors for the other children in their communities. Sponsor a child to help us Build a Safer society through sports.
As part of our mission to support India’s long term quest for a spot in the FIFA Football World Cup, we have created TheFootballLink Trust Scholarship Fund that will financially support young, talented football players from low-income families to realize their ambitions of becoming professional footballers. With this initiative, we aim to steer them away from a childhood and future riddled with neglect, abuse, crime and drugs while building positive role models for other children in the community. We wish to give children a platform and a path away from the difficult situation they currently live in; to develop, believe and follow their dreams through Football. But how do we convert that dream into reality? How do we demonstrate real change to you? To quantify change and on-ground impact, we have developed the F-Cube technology, a first-of-its-kind touch-based, intelligent football training, fitness and skills assessment device. The F-Cube, patent applied for, can objectively monitor a child’s overall development and provide the digital data online. So you have real numbers, individual data and player videos to witness real change happening. The F-Cube is housed at TheFootballLink Center of Excellence in New Delhi, a world class Football Arena with the latest amenities and technology required to develop world class talent. As part of the TFL Scholarship Fund, we will be conducting Football camps in 50 schools, NGOs and Orphanages across New Delhi (Phase – 1: Aug ’16 to Dec’16) and scout for talent to identify 200 boys and 200 girls who will be given yearly scholarships at the TFL Center of Excellence. The scholarship will pay for Football coaching, F-Cube Assessment, Mentorship sessions, Football Kits, Nutrition Packages, Medical checkups, Fitness training, Transportation, Tournament registrations, trials at renowned National and International Football Clubs, and most importantly, belief, ambition and guidance to help these young talents achieve their goals.
Join this social revolution to make a difference to a child’s life through play. Thank you for being an agent of change.


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