Unbeaten & Epic Clash – TheFootballLink 3-2 Kutumb Foundation

Dec 5, 2017 | 0 comments

With a Final score of 3-2 between TheFootballLink and Kutumb Foundation on Sunday 3rd Dec 2017, TheFootballLink clinched their 3rd Delhi Youth League title in three consecutive matches. Obviously, the Kutumb Foundation coach has exerted his defending philosophy wisely and comprehensively and the players have showed us the spirit of this Team Game.
But knowing the players well, we fully practiced our playing formations which embodies the art of defending and quick counter attacks.
The 1st half was dramatically ended with the equalizer of 1-1 but in the second half the Game was totally different as both teams came out fighting after the break. After 24th minute Shaurya Chopra scored 1 more goal and we were 1 goal up, but Kutumb once more came to the rescue, scoring 1 more goal to make it 2-2.
Finally, in the 26th minute, Shaurya Chopra added his third and the match winning goal as TheFootballLink ended an extraordinary game in extraordinary fashion scoring thrice to win the game by 3-2.
Exceptional players Shiv Rawat, Arjun Jain, Aryan Gaur and others showed their compactness as a team and their fearlessness against the Kutumb Foundations. TheFootballLink could bring in some tactics in next match to strengthen their attack & defense.
TheFootballLink thanks to the continuous support of Parents


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